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Middle Sheep for Adak Kurban


In cases of a special promise to the Allah, a Muslim can make Adak Kurban (vow, promise, sacrifice). 

By the way, the usual Kurban is divided into three parts. The one who performed this worship, Kurban, can leave to his family both a third part and all the rest. And at will and security, in general, everything can be given to the side. But this cannot be done in Adak Kurban. Adak is completely transferred to the side. 

By ordering Adak Kurban from us, you can donate meat to those who need food the most. 

We breed  the Hampshire Suffolk breed, that are fresh grass-fed. A middle lamb weighs from 50 kilograms. 

We will donate it on your behalf to the people for the mercy of Allah Almighty, and we will also send confirming photos and videos.


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