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What is Aqiqah?

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Akika in Islam. The Wisdom of Making a Sacrifice

There is much benefit in pointing out the desirability of the akika sacrifice:

1. This is a manifestation of gratitude to Allah Almighty for giving us a child and facilitating its birth. Allah Almighty multiplies the benefits of those of His servants who show gratitude.

2. This is an announcement to people that a child was born in some family and clan, so that people know the gender and family of this child.

3. This is the education of generosity in a person and the purification of his heart from avarice and greed. And the fact that generous people are happy is stated in the Koran.

4. It is the joy of the soul of family members, relatives and poor people when they all gather at the table for treats, it helps to strengthen love and mutual respect between them.

About who should perform the akika sacrifice

The Sunnah is the performance of the akik sacrifice by the father of the newborn at his own expense. If he is not, then grandfather. That is, it is done by someone who, according to Sharia, is obliged to support a child. It is reported from the words of Ibn 'Abbas, "The Prophet sacrificed akik from Hassan and Husayn (peace be upon them both) for a ram."

About the time of the sacrifice of al-‘akika

It is advisable to perform the akika sacrifice on the seventh day after the birth of the child. If the child is born in the late afternoon, then this day is counted among the seven days, if it is born at night, then the days are counted from the morning of this day.

It is advisable to make an akik sacrifice in Islam, both at the birth of a boy and at the birth of a girl. But at the birth of a boy, it is preferable to slaughter two sheep, and at the birth of a girl, one. In extreme cases, you can kill one sheep for a boy. Here, by sheep, we mean an animal sacrificed by akika.

From the words of ‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), it is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) He said, "Two sheep are slaughtered for a boy, and one for a girl." (Imam Ahmad quotes).

Imam Ahmad said: "A child who has not been sacrificed for (al-'aqiq) will not be able to intercede for his parents on the Day of Judgment (he will not be allowed to do so)."

The Jama'a of the Hanbali Madhhab opted for the fact that a person can make a sacrifice of ‘akik from himself at will, and this rite is not special, and is not related only to infancy, and therefore the father can kill ‘akik from the child, and after his adulthood, because the time for this is not limited.

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